Listen to our services on the telephone or over the Internet!

You can now listen to our services on the telephone! To listen to the Sunday morning service live, call (717) 721-3043 or (980) 580-0172 during the service, which is held every Sunday from 9:00am to 12:00pm Eastern Time. You can also use this number to listen to our special meetings, such as the Youth Bible School.

You can also listen to the services over your Internet connection. Simply answer the math question to prove that you are a real person, then click on the button below. When the popup window appears, click the "Connect Audio" button to be connected. You will be asked if the website is allowed to use your device's microphone. You must allow it to do so in order for it to work. However, your microphone will be muted. (If you are using a computer that has no microphone, it will not work. If you use the Firefox browser, there will be a delay before the audio begins.)