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  Item #   MP3 Date Message Title Speaker Category
5650 01/13/2019 Small but Powerful Tongue, The Nathan Zeiset Christian Living, Practical
5648 01/06/2019 Positive Attitude In a Negative World, A Mose Stoltzfus Unclassified
5646 12/31/2018 Amazing Grace Viktor Kravets Salvation
5644 12/23/2018 Spirit and Power of Elias, The Ephraim Renno Christian Life
5642 12/16/2018 God's Vision for the Church Nathan Zeiset Church, The
5640 12/02/2018 Who Are the Wise Men? Mose Stoltzfus Discernment
5638 11/25/2018 Seeing the Invisble Nathan Zeiset Faith
5636 11/18/2018 Acceptable Words James Meyers Christian Living, Practical
5634 11/11/2018 Youth Testimonies Misc. Speakers Testimonies
MYBS18 11/05/2018 Youth Bible School 2018 (MP3 Format on 1 CD) Misc. Speakers Youth
SET211   * Combating Temptation: Being Aware of Satan's Devices Daniel Kenaston Temptation
SET210   * Following the Ways of Jesus Ed Yoder Christian Life
SET209   * Understanding Biblical Differences Between Men & Women Jim Gould Christian Living, Practical
5633 11/09/2018 * Ye Are the Light of the World David Alspaugh Evangelism
5632 11/08/2018 * Your Personal Devotional Life David Alspaugh Unclassified
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