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  Item #   MP3 Date Message Title Speaker Category
5774 01/19/2020 20/20 Vision for 2020 and Beyond Nathan Zeiset Christian Life
5772 01/12/2020 Taking Down the High Places of Our Day Mark Bankston Christian Life
5770 01/05/2020 Establishing a Biblical Culture Mose Stoltzfus Christian Living, Practical
5768 12/29/2019 Sin of Swearing, The Nathan Zeiset Christian Living, Practical
5764 12/08/2019 What Is So Amazing About Christmas? Ted Gilmer Jesus Christ
5762 12/01/2019 Culture of Thanksgiving, A Mose Stoltzfus Christian Character
5759 11/24/2019 Through His Blood James Meyers Communion
5758 11/17/2019 Be Patient! Nathan Zeiset Christian Character
5756 11/10/2019 Youth Testimonies Misc. Speakers Testimonies
5755 11/10/2019 Hold the Traditions Freeman Miller Christian Life
5754 11/10/2019 Meditations by Five Young Men Misc. Speakers Christian Life
5753 11/08/2019 * Where Will You Spend Eternity? Stanley Fox Salvation
5752 11/07/2019 * Blessed Are the Pure in Heart Stanley Fox Sin
SET214 11/04/2019 * Solidifying a Direction in Your Youth Mark Miller Youth
SET213 11/04/2019 * History and Teachings of the Charismatic Movement, The Mose Stoltzfus Exposing False Doctrines
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